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Gerhard der Dörfler…

Februar 28, 2010

Was wäre Kärnten erspart geblieben, wenn der Dörfler und seine Truppe alle Fliesenleger geworden wären. Wir hätten zum Hyposkandal noch den Nasszellenskandal…..


Ein ehemaliger Terrorist gibt ein Interview

Februar 28, 2010

Was er zu sagen hat ist interessant. Zum Beispiel der grösste Feind der radikalen Jihadisten ist nicht der Westen sondern die Menschenrechte und hier in erster Linie die Rechte der Frauen.
Weiters mein er, dass es fatal, ja sogar lethal wäre, Konzessionen zu machen. Konzessionen, so meint der Interviewte, seien Einladungen zu noch mehr Gewalt.

Das Petzner….

Februar 19, 2010

Die Nebenwitwe hat geklagt, weil sie/es/er sich in einem Roman wiedererkannt haben will. die Klage ist abgewiesen worden und das ist auch schon das einzig interessante. Aber der Tippfehler auf dem Portal der Kleinen ist doch cool oder? Mittlerweile wurde er ausgebessert. Wer sich den Artikel geben will, kann ihn hier lesen.

Das Gesetz der Serie

Februar 6, 2010

Hab ich beim Aron Sperber gefunden:

The United States of America versus Richard Reid

Februar 5, 2010

Der Mann wollte eine Maschine der American Aireways mit einem mit Sprengstoff präparierten Schuh in die Luft jagen und wurde dafür zu einer lebenslangen Haft verurteilt.
Hier lesen sie die abschliesende Urteilsbegründung von Richter William Young:

You are not an enemy combatant. You are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war. You are a terrorist. To give you that reference, to call you a soldier gives you far too much stature. Whether it is the officers of government who do it or your attorney who does it, or that happens to be your view, you are a terrorist.

And we do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not treat with terrorists. We do not sign documents with terrorists.

Hier weiter lesen

Colonell Richard Kemp

Februar 3, 2010

Aus der Jerusalem Post zum Erdbeben in Haiti

Februar 3, 2010

“When good deeds are worse than doing nothing”



When sending two jumbo-jets of aid, and setting up a field hospital with hundreds of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel is met with scorn, you know something isn’t right.

While most of the mainstream American and British news networks reported extensively on Israel’s reaction to Haiti’s devastating earthquake, unfortunately we were also reminded just how entrenched some of the world’s hatred for the Jewish state really is.

While the fact that most of the Arab world donated mere pennies or nothing at all, has escaped mention Israel’s attempt to save lives has been labeled by many as nothing but a PR exercise. The sad truth is that the anti-Israel hard left has done such a great job of dehumanizing Israelis, that the idea they could be doing good deeds is totally incomprehensible. It’s true – Israel’s actions in Haiti are creating good press, but that’s what happens when you do good things.

The assertion that Israel should somehow have to apologize for coming across positively is absurd and grounded in anti-Semitism. As Kevin Myers writes for the Belfast Telegraph “They are perhaps the only people in the world for whom extenuating circumstances are routinely cited in explanation of their charitable deeds”.

While it’s no surprise that the Islamist anti-Semitic Iranian mouth-piece Press TV accuses Israeli doctors of using the Haiti emergency to harvest organs one should not expect to read the headline “Israel’s double standards over Haiti,” in Britain’s Guardian newspaper, except, of course in the comparison between Israel’s efforts in Haiti and the efforts of any of Israel’s neighbours. Unfortunately it comes as no surprise to those regularly inflicted with the Guardian’s bias that the piece is, of course in reference to Israel’s treatment of Haitians and those it is at war with.

Israel’s commitment to saving lives in disaster zones has nothing to do with Gaza. Israel has shown its amazing commitment to the preservation of life in India, Indonesia, Kenya and many other nations, Gaza war or no Gaza war.

There is simply no comparison between the response shown to a people at the mercy of horrific natural events and a people who have effectively been at war with Israel since its birth.

It’s truly astonishing that part of the mainstream British press has found itself unable to differentiate between a helpless Haitian people in desperate need of aid, and the Palestinian people who elected a terrorist organization into power.

While no one in their right mind would deny the widespread suffering of the Gazan people, drawing any moral equivalence between Israel’s relationship with them and those trapped under rubble in Haiti is truly perverse. When the attitude toward Israel is so widely based on anti-Semitism and hate, what evidence is there to believe things would change with an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement? For peace to be possible, Israel rightly has to believe that its concessions and sacrifices would be met by more than continued hatred, that peace with the Palestinians is also peace with the world.

As things stand, Israel is the only country in the world- bar none- that has to justify giving aid and saving lives. As long as Israelis (or perhaps simply Jews) are viewed as incapable of doing anything good, in a sentiment propagated by so much of the world media, then Israel will be in no position to make concessions for peace.

No one is asking for the world to kiss Israel’s feet for acts which are in line with its own moral code, but when Israel provides more per capita than any other nation in the world and is met with scorn, and the world’s worst and wealthiest human rights abusers give nothing and are met with silence, well, something isn’t right.

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